Frequently Asked Questions



  • What data about me will be collected/sent?

    The Applications only collect data that is needed to provide functionality of the service. (e.g. your course list for the L²P Newsticker or Accounting information inside the Convenience System) No additional data will be collected and no data will be sent to anyone or me.

  • What about language X and Y?

    The Apps are developped in English and are translated to German. Due to a lack of a good knowledge of other languages there are no further languages supported for now. The neutral language is english. In case you want the App in your language and can help with translation, do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Are the Apps Open Source?

    Yes! The Apps are Open Source und you can find the codes on Github.

  • On my Windows (mobile) devices the App looks different

    The way, the Apps are built has changed. by that, Windows Phone 8 gets an other version of the App than devices with Windows 10. Therefore, more devices (like Windows 10 Desktop) can use the Apps now.


Mensa Aachen

  • Sometimes no data was found or the data seems to be scrambled

    The data for the Dishes come from Studierendenwerk Aachen. Sometimes they do not manage to publish the data by start of the week and sometimes they scramble the names by accident. Therefore, you find a button in the options for forcing a new snychronisation of the data.

  • My Smartphone is configured for englisch but the Dishes are still german

    The Studierendenwerk only provides german names of the dishes online at the moment. Sometimes you can find english names of the dishes at the canteens.


L²P Newsticker

  • Some parts are german and some parts are english

    Texts of users and the L2P itself are generated in different languages depending on the course room. This is the same as in the default web view.

  • In the texts sometimes I find special characters (e.g. #;18)

    L²P enables the user to add formating to their texts like in a word document. These text are saved as website-like data. The App removes most of these formating characters, but this is not possible for all of those characters.

  • Since this semester the App is not working anymore

    The Authorization of the App is valid only for half a year. After that you need to re-authorize the App. If the App is still not working, just reinstall and drop a mail.

  • The App gets most of the data fast but then needs much more time in the end.

    This can happen for users with many course rooms. The App gets the data for all course rooms, which can lead to slowing reactions of L²P.


Convenience System

  • Can I change user representation to deposit instead of debt?

    For now, it is not explicitely implemented. The only thing that needs to be changed is the BackendServer. The Buy-methods need to change the addition to subtraction. Maybe this will be a flag in the Settings in a future version

  • My project cannot be compiled, because a Config/Settings class is missing

    The projects contain a ConfigSample or SettingsSample file. You simply need to fill in the configuration parameters, rename the File and (if needed) explicitely add the file to the project. It should compile now.

  • What about different localizations concerning Numbers?

    In many countries, the decimal separator is given by '.', in many other countries it is given by ','. The MySQL server only supports '.'. Therefore the Backend automatically change the separator before adding it to the database. So you can use both separators.

  • How can I use the WebAdminClient on a UNIX Webserver?

    You could use mod_mono or mono fast_cgi modules to get the ASP.NET Admin Client running. (needs some basic knowledge about your System)

    Otherwise, you can use the PHPWebAdminClient needing a PHP+curl environment.

  • Can I use Server/Backend with Mono?

    Yes! The Backend and Server have been tested on Debian and Ubuntu with Mono. They work fine.